Cazul Garcia – Begu

Caroline Garcia

Am săpat prin internet legat de cazul Garcia-Begu. Dezmințirea dată de utilizatorul “Juani”, de la care a pornit toată știrea, pe

1. Here is how things unfolded:
As the Begu/Garcia match was going on (I had it on my TV and was on my computer at the same time), I was on Twitter and read some info about Begu being unfair in the MTO she took, etc. That was discussed by some French-speaking fans: I found these comments following a conversation about someone (profile deleted today) saying Garcia was angry with her opponent. This Twitter account can no longer be found, and that’s the person I relied on for this info. He/She said the elements I put in the thread, then seemingly corrected him/herself during the night, and then the profile disappeared this morning (it was called @Fro mMarsToSaturn). I know it sounds like an easy getaway, but that is the truth.
After investigation, two things emerge: 1-there were actually negative words said by Garcia about Begu, and also insults for herself that people might have taken as actual insults 2-those words are not those I put in the thread and were not pronounced at the moment of the match I put in the thread.

2. I admit I shouldn’t have spread a fake info I didn’t check – I shouldn’t even have tried to create a buzz around something so nasty in the first place. But I swear I had no idea somebody would take a screen caption of my post and would put it on Twitter literally 5 minutes later. I would have spared myself those worries and would have spared this whole mess to everyone, which has had what is for me an unexpected impact on “real life”.

3. OK, two things in my “defense” (I’m not trying to appear innocent, I am not)
– the guy/girl who was tweeting about the match followed some TF members, so be aware of what you post and say on TF and on Twitter
– the journalist who spread the bombshell in Romania contacted me at…3.PM, here, on TF. “Can you give me the moment when Garcia insults Begu please?”
The thread was open at approx 9PM yesterday and he posted his news this morning. Professional journalism on by Alexandru Tăcină. Here is the profile he quickly created to reach me.

Rezumat 1: Garcia a mormăit ea ceva la nervi despre Begu, dar nici pe departe “țigancă împuțită”.
Rezumat 2: Omul recunoaște că a preluat la rându-i o știre neconfirmată de pe Twitter, de pe un profil ulterior șters.
Rezumat 3. Un jurnalist de la ProSport, Alexandru Tăcină a răspândit știrea (falsă și neconfirmată la noi în presă)
profilul lui “Juani”
➤ profilul de pe care Juani a fost contactat de ziaristul de la ProSport:
thread-ul cu explicațiile/dezmințirile.

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